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Wardrobe Moving: Three Tips For Your Next Move

Wardrobe Moving: Learn To Do It Right

Of all the things we keep in our homes, the most popular by far is clothing (sorry, pets). Wardrobes full of it, for all seasons and in every style. And that’s per person in your household.

Which raises some interesting issues when it comes time to move houses.

Join us, LB Moving Group, as we break down three wardrobe moving tips that are sure to take the sting out of your next move.

Wardrobe Boxes

By far the easiest way to transport your wardrobe during a move is to recreate your wardrobe in a box.

Impossible, you say? Not with wardrobe boxes! These specially designed cardboard boxes are engineered to work exactly like a small closet space. They are portable and give you ample space in which to fit your clothing. They feature hanging space and come fitted with metal hanger bars. With these in place, you can easily store your clothes during transit, and the stiff corrugated cardboard around them helps to protect them while they’re on the road.

Vacuum Seal Bags

Of course, you can always go the other way and transport your clothing in as confined a space as possible. While this might not sound pleasant, vacuum seal bags make for water-tight, durable clothing storage during a move, and are made for reuse.

Each bag, typically, will prevent dust, moisture, dirt, and moths from damaging your precious clothing. What’s more, they can be used after your move for keeping your seasonal outfits in storage. As a final note, these are also usually extremely affordable, ranging from $15 to $40 for a pack of multiple bags.

Trash Bags (No, Seriously)

Trying to save a little money during your move is fairly common and certainly nothing to sniff at. One of the most effective ways you can cut costs when transporting your clothes is to hang them inside of large trash bags.

This might not sound entirely glamorous, but they perform the basic duties of a waterproof container and, really, that’s all you need at the end of the day. Try to aim for drawstring bags, then bundle your hangers and clothes together and lower the hanging clothes into the trash bag with the hangers at the open end. Tighten your drawstrings around these hanger hooks, securing them outside of the bag with a firm knot.

This is a practical solution that is sure to help during your next big move.

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