Need flexibility with your home move? Our customers find value in utilizing our on-site, climate-controlled storage facilities during home renovations, downsizing, and during transitional living between homes. Our storage services are handy for longer-term storage needs.

  • Household Moving
  • Long-distance Moving
  • Cross Country Moving
  • Interstate Moving

We'd all like to think we're capable of handling an entire move without any help. It's the same part of the human brain that wants to bring in all the grocery bags at once instead of in shorter trips.

But the truth is sometimes there's just too much to move all at once. Even with a whole moving team behind you,  some households or offices have too many delicate or climate-controlled items to "just throw in" with everything else.

Storage services from LB Moving Group give you the edge during trips of any duration. While you're in transition, you'll store specific items in our on-site storage facility and bring them over later, once you're ready.

And keep in mind that our facilities aren't only useful while you're actually moving house. During renovations, downsizing or repairs, you can bring sensitive items in for storage, and put them out of your mind until you're done.

Consider it LB Moving Group's way of giving back to our clients. Get in touch us today, to find out more!