Moving With Pets: A Five Point Cheat Sheet

Moving with pets is never simple. It’s one of those plain and simple facts. All the movement can be extremely disorienting, and it’s nearly impossible for them to understand all of this chaos isn’t a sign of danger.

You have to know how to work with them so you don’t traumatize or lose them, and also so they don’t put a huge hold on your efficiency.

Most of all, though, you need to know they’re going to get through this and move in without any major drama. Not to worry! Today, we’ve brought you five great tips for moving with pets safely, soundly, and without any major holdups to your actual move.

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Talk to Your Vet (Don’t Put It Off)

Every animal is different. A dog you’ve owned for years in the same house could turn into a completely different animal when faced with a fourteen-hour car ride. A completely mellow cat might learn violence very quickly in the backseat of your car.

You’ve got to talk to your vet before you leave. These medically trained professionals have years of experience dealing with exactly this kind of issue. They’ll be able to recommend relaxation techniques for moving with pets, to put your dog or cat at ease during transit.

And if that fails, they’ll be able to prescribe a safe sedative for your animal’s specific size and breed.

While you’re there, also be sure to ask about getting a tracking chip installed. Then, as a final move, start researching vets in your new neighborhood.

Find a New Vet

Make sure to find a new vet in your new area well ahead of moving day.

If you ask your current vet, they may actually be able to make recommendations based on colleagues of theirs in your new neighborhood.

Try to set up an appointment as soon as you move in. This will help you get established, and also get your pet in front of a professional soon after the drive, so you know if anything is amiss.

With your introductions made, you’ll be ready to bring your animal in, in the event of an emergency.

New Tags

If you’ve already gotten your animal chipped, you’re on the right road to safeguarding them against getting lost after your move. The next step you’ll want to take is simpler but just as important.

Replace their pet tags with ones that feature your new address. Many pet owners put this off because it seems tedious, but the truth is if someone finds your pet out in the street, that’s the first thing they’ll look for.

Take some time out of your day and get new tags made up. It’ll put your mind at ease when the day comes your pet does get out.

Get a Pet Sitter For The Moving Day

Moving days can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. There are piles of boxes, all filled with different weights’ worth of items, both precious and ordinary. Strangers you’re likely meeting for the first time are moving things back and forth and asking you where they go.

It can be a little chaotic. Now, introduce an energized or irritated dog or cat into the mix, and watch the sparks fly.

Find a friend you trust and who your pet knows to take care of them on your moving day. This will result in fewer grey hairs for you and, honestly, less stress for your pet.

Travel With Your Pet

Finally, when you’re all packed up and ready to go, make sure you travel with your pet to your new home. Try to keep in mind, they have no concept of what is happening around them. All they know is everything in their house is disappearing and, suddenly, they live somewhere new.

Pick them up from whoever took care of them, and drive them down to your new home yourself. They’ll adjust easier to the car and their scary new home will have the benefit of featuring you in it, from the moment you arrive.

Moving With Pets: One Step In Front Of The Other

When it comes to moving with pets, it can be easy to think of them as little tornadoes that are impossible to predict or control. The truth is, though, that with a little preparation and a lot of good advice, you can have your pets move-ready in no time.

Hopefully, you’ve found that advice here with us today.

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