Three Great Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Space

As families grow and jobs spread out across the country, more people have begun the process of moving into a smaller space. It’s a pretty smart move, most of the time: maintenance costs go down, rent and mortgages are much lower, and you’re forced to reconsider the way you live.

Join us, today, as we unpack three great tips for moving into a smaller space, and get on top of your next big (little) move.

Change Your Perspective

Downsizing can be tough if you felt forced into it. People move into smaller spaces for any number of reasons all the time, though, and it’s important to remember it’s what you make of it.

Shift your focus to the positives that come with a smaller home (and don’t be ironic about them). The upkeep’s guaranteed to be easier, as you can sweep and pick up in your living space from end to end in less time than a larger home.

With that easier upkeep comes less chance for things to go wrong and break, as well. Maintenance costs statistically go down in a smaller home.

There’s less onus on you to host when there’s an event, and when you do end up hosting, the cleanup process will be (as we’ve mentioned) easier. The benefits of a smaller space in a better-connected area are numerous, and can really help to turn your move around.

Begin A Great Purge

Nothing in life feels better than the relief of getting rid of a bunch of unnecessary stuff that’s been cluttering up your home.

Seriously – nothing.

Make a list of all the possessions in your home you absolutely couldn’t live without. Then ask yourself “Is there a real reason I feel this way, or have I just gotten used to these items?”

Whatever you can’t justify, and whatever didn’t make the list in the first place, get rid of. Remember, replaceable items are replaceable. Non-replaceable items are sometimes meant to get used up. Whittle down your options and you’ll make your move so much easier.

Fake-Emergency Items

As a subsection of this point, we thought we’d bring up those “one day” items we all have in our homes. You know, the remote control manual for the remote you lost five years ago, or the spare lint tray for a dryer you don’t even own anymore.

In large homes with a lot of storage space, these things have a way of accumulating. It’s easy to be a hoarder. Moving into a smaller space, however, it’s important to change this mindset. When space is at a premium, you’ve got to keep what’s useful and ditch the rest.

Make peace with this idea: one day, you might actually need that thing you threw out during your move. But the cost of going out to buy it is less than the hassle of having a small apartment, flooded with tape dispensers, half erasers and old binder clips.

Form New Habits

Our last point today is probably the most difficult to follow through on. It’s also the most useful if you can get it right.

Get into new habits. If you leave doors open, those doors might get in the way in your new apartment, so make a habit out of closing them, instead. Playing your electric guitar loudly in the early hours of the morning might not work for your neighbors, but a pair of headphones will fix that.

Remember: this is your new life. Whatever habits you can get into that make it easier are really just helping yourself.

Moving Into A Smaller Space: It’s What You Make It

Ultimately, any move can go well if you plan properly for it. When it comes to moving into a smaller space, keep in mind this is an opportunity to move smarter and adjust the way you live.

It’s an exciting opportunity. For more on how you can transform your next big move, check out some of our other exclusive blog content, today!

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