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Three Tips For Moving In Together

If there’s a moment in any relationship where you both have to hold your breath and take the plunge, moving in together is often it. It’s a big step, with a lot of meaning behind it (for some people, at least).

Your moving day, especially, can be a huge mix of excitement and nervous anxiety, as you begin your journey together. Of course, if too much goes wrong, it can change into something negative.

Today, we’ll be taking at three great tips you can use to keep your moving day organized and stress-free.

Throw Out What You Don’t Need

Clutter in a new home can get frustrating quicker than you might expect. When you’re packing to move in with your significant other, make sure to touch base with them on what items you both have.

Two spaghetti spoons? One more lazy boy between the two of you than you’ll actually need? Maybe even an old second car that won’t fit in your new garage. It might sound wasteful, but if you can clear room in your new home, you’ll be happier.

Make it simple. Walk from room to room with your partner and toss out or mark anything you haven’t used in the last six months. This is usually a good sign you won’t need them again at some point in the future.

Combine Your Belongings

Moving in together is about bringing your two homes together. There are going to be rooms with more of your stuff and rooms with more of theirs. What’s important, though, is planning your layouts ahead of time.

Decide what your home needs and who of the two of you has the better versions of that thing. Then, take a layout of each room and discuss areas where you might want to put your belongings or theirs.

Anything you don’t use, throw out, sell, or donate.

Be Fair About Expenses

Any moving day is going to come with its own share of costs, both planned and unexpected. Before the big day, sit down and come to an agreement on how you’ll handle the move.

Are you going to pay for professional movers, or try for a rented truck, some friends, and DIY approach? Do you have enough boxes and packing supplies, and do you have a plan to get more if you don’t?

With a plan in place, decide on a date and start preparing. The better prepared you are when the day comes, the lower your costs are likely to be. And what you do spend, decide ahead of time on a plan to split or cover the costs in some way that agrees with both of you.

Moving In Together: Do It The Right Way

Moving days are stressful. Moving days where you and your partner are taking that big first step can be even more so.

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